video corpo

cardiology examination table / electric / height-adjustable / 1 section



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    1 section

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    with pedal ergometer


Thanks to the couch's infinite movability (0-45°), it is possible to find the ideal lying position for every patient and examination method. In case of incident, the patient can be moved immediately into a suitable treatment position. The patient's calm position enables high quality ECG presentation and blood pressure measurements. The height is fixed by means of an adjustable saddle, which also prevents the patient from sliding to the side. The patient's comfort is increased by a headrest. Both elements as well as the couch's slope can be adjusted via remote control. The reclining position at 45° is very comfortable. Medical exercise examinations have proven that the performance in this position corresponds to the performance on a bicycle ergometer. Unlike with previous couch ergometers, the pedalling movement of the legs is now identical to the movement on a bicycle ergometer. This is due to the unique design of the pedal crank shaft. This feature eliminates all performance-related obstacles in couch-ergometry.