chemical product cabinet / laboratory / ventilated
Captair 1634 Smart



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    for chemical products

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Simpler to use, Safer to operate

Erlab’s 50 years of expertise in research, design and manufacturing of filtered storage cabinets guarantee superior filtration to keep you protected when storing your chemicals.
Erlab's Captair Smart ductless filtering storage cabinets provide a steady flow of air through the cabinet, capturing hazardous vapors in the filters, and returns clean air back to the room.
Benefits of an Erlab filtered storage cabinet:

Eliminate inhalation of noxious or hazardous vapors when opening the cabinet
Continuously purify the laboratory air
Requires no connection to HVAC neede, so your chemicals can be placed where you need them
Desgined with separate compartments to accommodate multiple types of chemicals

Spill-proof trays

See-through, locking doors for easy viewing
3 models to choose from: bench top, wall mount, or floor standing