floor-standing washer-disinfector / front-loading / automatic / with water softening dosing pump
Teksteril TSY 360



  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    front-loading, automatic, with water softening dosing pump, high-capacity


Model Teksteril TSY 360
Capacity Large
Door Type Vertical opening, heat proof, tempered glass door(s)
Chamber Volume 360 Liter, 15 DIN 1/1 baskets
Standart Power 400 V / 3L + N + PE / 50 Hz
Electrical Power 12 kW / 20 A
Chamber Dimensions(WHD) 660 x 720 x 750 mm.
Device Dimensions (WHD) 1000 x 2150 x 950 mm.
Washing Pump 800 L / min
Washing Chamber Heaters 10 kW
Electrical Drying 400 m3 / h (without resisting pressure)
Drying Heaters 7,5 kW

The Other Features

10+90 programs and touchscreen
2+2 (optional) flowmeters and dosing pump for chemicals with liquid level sensor
Pump pressure control
Pre filter F-class
Hepa filter H14
Control sensor for HEPA drying filter
Port for external temperature sensor
Valve for taking water specimens
Automatic recognition sensor for loading carts
Chamber Lightening
RS 232 connection port / ethernet connection port
Internal condenser (optional)
Internal water softener (optional)
Internal printer (optional)