on-platform veterinary ultrasound system / multipurpose / for small animals / for large animals



  • Ergonomics:


  • Exploration:


  • Type of animal:

    for small animals, for large animals, for pets

  • Options:

    color doppler, touchscreen


Complete cardiovascular package to make fast and accurate diagnoses adding value to your examinations, high performance and advanced tools for clinical confidence, and broad connectivity options with the multi-modality tool that combines real-time ultrasound imaging with a wide range of second-imaging modalities (MRI, CT, 3D imaging, Doppler, Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound) to reach a fast diagnosis. With eStreaming the real-time examination can be displayed on multiple devices thus allowing everyone to have direct access to the examination. Never Stop Elevating Your Vet Experience.

- Dedicated vet software and probes

- Windows® 10

- Fast start-up

- Zero-click technology

- Full-screen visualization

- High response capacitive touchscreen

The new MyLab™9VET is part of the ESAOTE MyLab™VET Product Line that includes both cart-based complete systems and compact portable products, as a result of 30 years experience: MyLab™X7VET, MyLab™X5VET, MyLab™OmegaVET, MyLab™SigmaVET.

Ultrasound has never been easier with MyLab™X7VET, MyLab™X5VET, MyLab™OmegaVET, MyLab™SigmaVET: with just one probe it will be possible to make a complete imaging medical examination, and simplify your everyday practice, from cardiac and abdominal to orthopedic applications.