visualization software module / diagnostic / management / operating room



  • Function:

    visualization, diagnostic, management

  • Medical establishment:

    operating room


Image distribution is an important topic in the operating room. In particular, surgeons working in a microscopy environment, like gynaecologists, rely on images and video streams. Crucial for the OR clinicians, is the immediate availability of vital information. For optimal ergonomics, surgeons need the information right in front of them. The NUCLeUS™ platform switches any source to any screen, increasing surgical precision and efficiency.

The revolutionary NUCLeUS™ workflow is based on video-over-IP. This technology uses the hospital network to switch video sources. This offers great benefits over the traditional AV (audio video) system, such as the lack of cable clutter, the scalability and the gain of expensive OR space. NUCLeUS™ is expandable and future-proof.