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animal containment laboratory workstation / floor-standing

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animal containment laboratory workstation / floor-standing animal containment laboratory workstation / floor-standing - VIVA® VBD-A


  • Applications:

    for animal containment

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The VIVA® Bedding Disposal Animal Containment Workstation is a bedding removal unit, as well as a cage cleaning product which simplifies and expedites all those aforementioned processes. Its state-of-the-art Sentinel™ Microprocessing technology makes all of its subject responsibilities that much easier, more efficient, and more effective. Its other principal features and technical specs, such as its Nanocarb™ technology-powered carbon filter, its ELISA-certified quarantine unit, its disposal receptacle (which to describe as large, is an understatement; 40 gallon capacity), and numerous others also provide supplementary support in making laboratory animal research as quick, fast, easy, and effortless as possible. Other features include a pre-filter, another filter (ULPA) aside from the carbon one, a blower functionality, a dedicated light for the work area, which is made of solid and stainless steel, and an ISOCIDE™ technology (exclusively Esco's) antimicrobial coating finish. Though already impressive as a single unit, other models are also available.