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laboratory fume hood / chemical / for acid digestion / floor-standing
Frontier™ Acid Digestion™ EFQ



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  • Function:

    chemical, for acid digestion

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Proper containment of hazardous chemical compounds are very important in a laboratory. Esco Frontier PVC Acid Digestion Fume Hood is embedded with an exciting feature that protects the workers from getting affected with fumes while they are working within the lab. However, do not use this hood for perchloric acid applications. The shaping vanes on the hood sweeps the chemical compounds from the main portion at the sidewall to induce better chances at containment. To prevent problems from hydrofluoric acid from wreaking the device, the sash is made out of polycarbonate. The workers can manipulate the sash movement by using Esco’s creep-down mechanism fitted with the device.