optical lens groover / optical lens polisher / optical lens drill / optical lens edger
Mr Orange



  • Functions:

    optical lens groover, optical lens polisher, optical lens drill, optical lens edger, optical lens blocker, optical lens centering device, optical lens shape tracer

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Mr Orange
A perfect balance of speed and performance
Thanks to its perfect balance of speed and performance, Mr Orange sets a simple and accessible standard for even the most difficult jobs. Whatever the finish or curvature of the lens, its wide array of functions guarantees top quality results.
Key Features
Suitable for all edging jobs
State of the art tracing
Quick and easy assisted centring
Highest quality guaranteed on high curve jobs (“Full High Curve”)
Centering with open and ambidextrous space
Wide touchscreen, smart interface and built-in storage
Star Control technology enables total control of dimensions and centring
Binocular tracing in 3 dimensions up to base 9
30° tiltable drilling
Latest generation touch interface
You gained a lot from the Kappa generation.
Mr Orange will bring you even more.
More integrated functions such as optical
tracing and management of base 9 in all finishes.