linear stapler / laparoscopic surgery / disposable / articulated



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    laparoscopic surgery

  • Options:

    disposable, cutting, articulated


The ECHELON FLEX ENDOPATHA Stapler offers true one-handed operation for an articulating mechanical endocutter. With collaboration from leading members of the surgical community, the ECHELON FLEX ENDOPATHA Stapler has been designed to address the importance of haemostasis and handling tissue gently. An optimal system-wide compression is achieved by combining a 3-point gap control with a precision machined anvil.

A consistent staple formation for haemostasis can be achieved in a wide range of tissue thickness. A shorter grip span than previous models gives greater ease and comfort. The ECHELON FLEX ENDOPATHA Stapler is easy to use, enabling tissue positioning and manipulation with its wide proximal-to-distal jaw aperture.