skin closure surgery tissue adhesive

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skin closure surgery tissue adhesive skin closure surgery tissue adhesive - DERMABOND™ PRINEO™


  • Applications:

    skin closure surgery


Secure skin closure is an integral step of nearly every surgical procedure. If the closure device does not provide the strength and support required by the skin tissue, the wound edges may separate, providing a potential pathway for bacterial contamination, which can lead to infection, suboptimal cosmesis, and low patient satisfaction.86,87,130

Longer incisions present unique clinical challenges, such as approximating wound edges evenly, distributing tension evenly across the wound, and maintaining the integrity of the surgical site.

DERMABOND™ PRINEO™ Skin Closure System is a unique two-part skin closure system consisting of:

A 2-octyl cyanoacrylate topical skin adhesive for proven strength and microbial protection in vitro91
A flexible, self-adhesive polyester mesh for excellent approximation and healing◊

DERMABOND™ PRINEO™ can add strength and protection when closing medium to long incisions.