podiatry examination chair / electric / height-adjustable / 3 sections



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    3 sections


This podiatric chair features sinuous and soft upholstery and unmatched carter style that is extremely appealing and original. The chair is fitted with low tension silent electric actuators, which enable a 42 m vertical excursion. Upward movement or Trendelenbourg combined with pantograph excursion raises the steel board of the chair 114 m of the ground, The Charme podiatric chair is fitted with double leg rests that can be extended and a backrest that can be reclined to a maximum 180 degrees and arm rests that can be moved in three positions. Additionally, the Charme podiatric chair can be placed into a working position, with its arm rests at 180 degrees and 90 degrees. There are a number of colors to choose from to include Giallo Modena, Azzurro Parigi and Grigio Londra.