laboratory fume hood / decontamination / chemical / floor-standing



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    decontamination, chemical

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SAFEHOOD is the new Bioair fume cupboard with activated carbon filters for the removal of a variety of toxic fumes, gases or vapours from the exhausted air.
Working with volatile toxic substances is not a problem when using a Safehood ductless work station. No cumbersome installation needed and minimum space requirements makes Safehood the easiest way to solve your safety problems when handling toxic chemicals.
The quality and extensive range of Bioair activated carbon filters will help you to find the right solution for all your safety requirements.
The high quality of the components and the accurate design ensures years of trouble free operation.
Safehood main applications are for the protection of operator and environment when:

· Handling chemical substances in the laboratory.
· Sample preparation for anathomo-pathology.
· Rigid or flexible endoscopes decontamination.
· Handling of adhesives and solvents.
· Handling of airborne powders and chemical aerosols.