infectious disease test kit / CRP / serum / whole blood
ST 0100, ST 0102



  • Applications:

    for infectious diseases

  • Tested parameter:


  • Sample type:

    serum, whole blood

  • Analysis mode:



C-reactive protein (CRP) is the best known amongst the acute-phase proteins – a group of proteins whose concentrations increase in the blood as a response to inflammatory disorders. It increases after only 6 hours in acute inflammatory processes associated with bacterial infections, post-operative conditions or tissue damage. Over the course of the disorder its value can rise up to 500 mg/l, which can be quickly and easily determined through POC blood analysis.

The Eurolyser CRP assay is a reliable and easy-to-use quantitative blood test, used to determine c-reactive protein from whole blood as well as from serum. The determination of CRP through blood analysis facilitates the clinical management of patients with infection symptoms.