canine test kit / for infectious diseases / canine CRP / serum
VT 0100



  • Patient type:

    for canines

  • Applications:

    for infectious diseases

  • Tested parameter:

    canine CRP

  • Sample type:

    serum, plasma


C-reactive protein (CRP) is an acute phase protein. The serum level of CRP rises significantly in animals that suffer from different types of infection or inflammation, correlating with degree and activity of the causative disease. Measurements of serum CRP are used to aid the evaluation of the inflammation associated with infection, tissues damage and other clinical disorders.

Increased levels of CRP were described in dogs that suffered from pneumonia, pyometra, pancreatitis, parvovirus infection or traumatism. Dogs with an increased number of leukocytes had significantly higher CRP levels than dogs with noninflammatory leukograms. Increased CRP levels were also found in dogs with arthritis, thrombophlebitis or procitis. Moreover, they were observed in dogs infected with Bordetella bronchiseptica or Ehrlichia canis. This in-vitro test kit is designed to measure canine CRP in serum and plasma.