sepsis test kit / for anemia / veterinary / for animals
VT 0220, VT 0221

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sepsis test kit sepsis test kit - VT 0220, VT 0221
  • Sepsis test kit


  • Applications:

    sepsis, for anemia, veterinary

  • Patient type:

    for animals

  • Tested parameter:


  • Sample type:


  • Analysis mode:

    colorimetric, photometric


In the face of anaerobic metabolism lactate is synthesized from pyruvate. Muscle tissue is the predominant source of lactate production.

Increased lactate concentration is a sensitive indication for a significant metabolic disturbance. Possible reasons are hypoxia and hypoperfusion.

Diseases associated with increased lactate concentration are i.e. hypovolemic shock, local hypoperfusion (i.e. intestinal ischaemia in the face of ileus, aortic-thromboembolism), hypoxia, anaemia, or sepsis.