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VT 0160

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liver disease test kit liver disease test kit - VT 0160
  • Liver disease test kit


  • Applications:

    for liver disease, veterinary

  • Patient type:

    for animals

  • Tested parameter:


  • Sample type:


  • Analysis mode:

    enzymatic, photometric


Protein digestion produces ammonia within the intestine by deamination of amino acid. Ammonia reaches the liver by portal blood where it is attached to the urea (main path for intestinal ammonia within the urea). Heavy liver dysfunction (e.g. shunt, cirrhosis) can prevent the liver of synthesizing ammonia into urea.

As a result one will receive a lowered urea speculum in relation to creatinine as well as increased blood ammonia. Ammonia and other protein metabolism (aromatic amino acids) that get out of control of the liver metabolism can affect the central nervous system (hepatoenzephale syndrome).

The accuracy of ammonia determination is extremely dependent on sample collection. Use only fresh EDTA plasma (ammonia heparin plasma or serum must not be used). After drawing the blood immediately centrifuge the collection tube to get plasma. The plasma sample has to be analysed within 5 minutes on the instrument.