laboratory stereo microscope / optical / binocular / zoom
Euromex DE.1400



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    zoom, LED


The D zoom body is a parallel 1.10 zoom optical system with 12 clickstops and consists of 8 lenses in 4 groups and 2 iris diaphragms

A stereo microscope is built around the D Zoom body (DE.1400) by adding one or more components below in order to match your application:

Ultra Wide Field eyepieces UWF 10x/24, 15x/17 of 20x/12
Binocular ergonomical 10-50° or fix 45° stereohead
Common Plan 0.5x / 0.75x / 1x / 1.5x / 2x objectifs with working distances from 164 to 29 mm
Different stands with or without a 30 watt halogen for diascopic illumination in bright field mode
Stand with 100 watt halogen cold light source for bright and dark field mode
30 watt halogen episcopic illumination
Foto-Video tube
Attachable mechanical stages with of without fine coarse
Specific round table for polarisation
100 or 150 watt cold light sources and professional LED ring illuminations( White, Red, UV or IR)