automatic washer-disinfector
Eurosafe 60

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automatic washer-disinfector automatic washer-disinfector - Eurosafe 60


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Comprehensive, effective and efficient thermal disinfection.

1. A washer disinfector that pre-washes, washes and dries in a single cycle, so there is no need
to clean by hand. This guarantees more effective and efficient results in less time
and with fewer risks for the operator.
2. The hot-air drying system ensures that all traces of water are removed from both outside
and inside hollow instruments.
3. The large, 60-litre tank can be used to disinfect many items, including wands,
loose instruments and containers.
4. Three favourite cycles can be selected and up to 40 password-protected cycles
(20 preset and 20 programmable cycles) can be chosen.
5. Up to 30 different password-authenticated users can be selected.
6. USB port for data saving, Ethernet connection and optional printer.
7. AISI 316L stainless steel washing chamber with rounded edges.
8. Safety system to prevent the door from being opened during washing.
9. Automatic dispenser for adjustable detergent use.
10. Accessories: load basket with 8 wand holders; standard load basket; insert for 8 trays
(40 mm slots); external thermal paper printer; load basket with 4 wand holders, 5 injectors