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open type tanning bed

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open type tanning bed open type tanning bed - SOLARIUM MAGIC BODY PLUS 3


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    open type


The best tanning bed in the world. OPEN SUN Solarium, the tanning power of sun in a new technologic research. Innovative design and ergonomic style. To get all the technology you need at the best quality/price ratio in an innovative but essential product.
Three irradiant groups intercrossed high pressure lamps to offer a natural and perfect body tan.
Irradiant groups open and intense fan system flow to avoid claustrophobia, smell stagnation and heating process.
Automatic position of irradiant groups, vision optimized by COLOURS TOUCH SCREEN display PLUS and TS version (blue background LCD display CM version).
Digital audio is integrated into the display panel, includes a choice of source type, RADIO or AUX, with two speakers.
Complete audio system the Vocal synthesis message (welcome, instructions and finish half session time).
A comfortable integrated orthopedic mattress, 90 cm wide, with massage is supplied to relax the tanning session.
Integrated in the control display the separated starting system fits the tanning session to the user preferences, using only some lamps for a different body area exposure: total body, only face or only legs.
Uv control power is the exclusive electronic dimmer to vary the lamps irradiation power with double functions from 15 Years used and improved by eurosun.
During the tanning session it enables the user to regulate lamps power depending on his fototype to get a safe, perfect and uniform tan.
It enables the manager to set the lamps at the requested power keeping the output constant and enhancing the lasting until 33%: the energy saving is about 15%.