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facial tanning unit



The best Solarium for tanning face/bust and hands tanning in the world. The tanning power of sun in a new technologic research. Innovative design and ergonomic style.To get all the technology you need at the best quality/price ratio in an innovative but essential product.
Six irradiant groups intercrossed high pressure lamps to offer a natural and perfect face tan. Two tanning units for hand and forearm tanning.
Intense fan system flow, Electronic variation, to avoid claustrophobia and heating process.
The powerful face tanning unit of the MAGIC EXA FACIAL is positioned electronically At the end of each session, the tanning unit automatically returns to the initial position.
Efficiency, safety and comfort for users, maximum simplicity of use for operators choosing it for their clients.
Maintenance and cleaning are easy and immediate. Safety is guaranteed by electronic monitoring of absence of damage to filters,
operating temperature and ventilation.
Vision optimized by TOUCH SCREEN colours display PLUS and TS version (blue background LCD display CM version). Different exposure times can be selected.
Digital audio is integrated into the display panel, includes a choice of source type, RADIO or AUX, with two speakers.
Complete audio system the Vocal synthesis message (welcome, instructions and greeting).
A comfortable armchair with the large backrest and the back massage system. A practical cushion supports the legs, giving sessions
extra comfort for the relaxing of tanning session.