electric wheelchair / indoor / with legrest / height-adjustable
Miniflex SitRite



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    with legrest, height-adjustable


Miniflex SitRite is a power wheelchair for indoor use with minimal size and equipped with an advanced workchair seat unit, developed together with experts in ergonomics and seating. A lot of customers appreciate the simple and reliable construction of Miniflex, together with the easy handling and small size. Miniflex is front wheel driven and the larger front wheels see to that you can pass thresholds easy and the smallness of Miniflex makes you come close to tables and work places. The joint fixed rear wheels keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground all the time.

The SitRite seat system is designed to provide additional support and comfort. The stable sitting position increases the user's ability to maintain a good posture, and optimises the use of the arms and head.

Chassis - Miniflex
Front-wheel drive chassis for indoor use. The market's most compact chassis is no larger than a manual work chair. Versatile and easily manoeuvred, with the compact design that gets you close to tables or work surfaces. The jointed rear axle ensures that the rear wheel pair is always in contact with the floor.