diagnostic software / visualization / medical imaging / web-based
ECS View



  • Function:

    diagnostic, visualization

  • Application domain:

    medical imaging

  • Other characteristics:



The ECS View diagnostic console is the
ideal solution for interpreting your examinations,
and communicating your results in your healthcare facility or remotely as part of a teleradiology project.

A multi-modal and 100% online imaging viewer

ECS View enables the vizualisation of medical images using various different types of access.
ECS View Web enables the visualisation and processing of medical images (windowing, measurements, MPR) in a DICOM format without any software needing to be installed, and is optimized for re-evaluation or a second opinion.
This web viewer has been developed in accordance with the latest HTML5 standards and is compatible with all types of devices: PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets etc.
ECS View Std is DICOM image vizualisation software for diagnostic use with standard tools (windowing, measurements, MPR). It’s compatible with all graphics cards on the market.
ECS View 3D is DICOM medical image vizualisation and processing software for diagnostic use integrating a range of specialized modules (3D, reconstruction curve, volumetrics).
ECS View Remote enables immediate and remote access to medical images located on the production site without downloading them onto a local device.
All of the image processing modules (3D, reconstruction curve, volumetrics) are available as remote versions.