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CIC hearing aid
Qleaf Pro

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CIC hearing aid CIC hearing aid - Qleaf Pro


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A hearing instrument for an active life

Would you like to hear better and you don’t want to give up your active life? Use the Qleaf Pro, a high-tech, nearly invisible yet powerful hearing instrument.

With four listening programs and AirTAP functionality Qleaf Pro is a unique hearing aid. The AirTAP functionality integrated in a hearing aid is a world premiere. It is an innovative functionality based on the change of air pressure. Because of this functionality, switching between listening programs is very easy. When the device is in the ear, switching to another program is realized by tapping on the ear. No push button or switch is needed! In addition, the Qleaf Pro has 8 channels and 12 bands, adaptive feedback manager and adaptive noise reduction.

The Qleaf Pro is a digital, advanced technology CIC (Completely in the Canal) modular hearing aid. The shape of the Qleaf Pro is based on the natural curve of the ear canal.This new generation hearing aid is highly invisible and provides a natural sound by preserving the directivity of the ear. Because the Qleaf Pro device is placed deeply into the ear canal, it rules out the risk of internal feedback and wind noise, allowing fashionably aware clients to feel comfortable with their hearing solution.

Highly invisible because it is completely in the canal
Air tap functionality integrated; switch to another program by tapping on the ear
Provides a natural sound
Preserves the directivity of the ear
Four listening programs available
Shaped to fit in curved ear canals
Minimal feedback
Easy to change the battery
Suitable for cell phone use
Minimal wind noise
Suitable for sporting activities
Minimal occlusion