class III isolator / containment / dispensing / sampling

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class III isolator / containment / dispensing / sampling class III isolator / containment / dispensing / sampling


  • Class:

    class III

  • Applications:

    containment, dispensing, sampling, milling

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    glove box, stainless steel


Our promise: from Design to Delivery

1. Design: We generate conceptual designs based upon proven solutions, before finally compiling product specifications, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working schematics (P&IDs).
2. Mock up: We can create full scale, mock–ups which take into account ancillary equipment and manipulation devices. The client review follows, at which stage any necessary modifications are made.
3. Manufacturing: Manufactured in high quality stainless or other alloy steels the Isolator fabrications are formed, welded and polished to exacting standards and client requirements.
4. Factory Acceptance Testing: Only when the equipment is fully built and fully tested to design parameters is it exposed to a range of tests and standard operating procedures (SOPs). These can include, internal & external surface swabbing, dust in air monitoring, and full scale operational tests of performance, all being performed within our controlled test environment.

Design Advantages
Ergonomic design
Extract Technology Pharmport™ Glove Port
Multiple chambers
Drum/product manipulation devices
Inflatable seals
Safe change “push-push” filters
Closed loop control system
Integration of proprietary contained transfer detail e.g. RTP, SBV’s etc
Controlled environment re: temperature, humidity and oxygen content
Fully integrated WIP/CIP clean systems including wash lances, rotary spray balls and solvent atomizing devices
Raise/lower systems > Dispensing equipment including scales, displays, printers and dispensing management systems.