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glaucoma treatment HIFU ablation system / ultrasound-guided



  • Type of therapy:

    for glaucoma treatment

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EYE TECH CARE has developed the only medical procedure for uncontrolled glaucoma irrespective of previous treatment.

This non-invasive therapy to reduce IOP (intraocular pressure) using proprietary focused ultrasound technology delivers good patient tolerance resulting in a predictable, trouble-free patient follow up.
The treatment is easy to perform, reproducible, non-operator-dependent and can be safely performed in less than three minutes.

The unique technology combines the therapeutic capability of focused ultrasound and the innovative geometry of the therapy device.
The ring shape of the therapy probe and the extreme miniaturization of the transducers allow for the first circular treatment performed in one step.
The user-friendly EyeOP1 presents a short learning curve and reduces the risks typically involved in mastering a new technique.