germicidal lamp / UV / on casters

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germicidal lamp / UV / on casters germicidal lamp / UV / on casters - MEDIVENT


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    on casters


MEDIVENT air flow germicidal units are available with 3- or 2- UV bulbs

MEDIVENT germicidal units effectively destroy microorganisms in irradiated region by emitting ultraviolet radiation UV-C band (254 mm wavelenght). The air flow germicidal unit MEDIVENT draws contaminated air from the room and returns disinfected air.

The research on the subject of evaluation of anti-microorganism effectiveness of MEDIVENT device has been done in the laboratory of Institute of Fermentation Technology and Microbiology of the Technical University of Lodz, as well as Oncology Center at the Institute of them. M. Sklodowska-Curie in Warsaw - test reports below.

The following types of MEDIVENT units are available:

VFS 100 - mobile with 3 UV bulbs
VFS 70 - mobile with 2 UV bulbs
VFC 100 - ceiling-mounted with 3 UV bulbs
VFC 70 - ceiling-mounted with 2 UV bulbs
VFW 100 - wall-mounted with 3 UV bulbs
VFW 70 - wall-mounted with 2 UV bulbs

MEDIVENT units are equipped with an electronic time counter, which also signalise the damage of the unit.

You may choose any of the eight working modes.