medicine automated dispensing system / pharmacy / robotic / with touch screen
Farma P350-R



  • Applications:

    medicine, pharmacy

  • Other characteristics:

    robotic, with touch screen


New generation of SPD robots rotating production system optimized for uninterrupted production.
Technical specifications
Canister bases number352 variables
Canisters bases number (Small, Medium, Large)168/140/44
Universal canister number4 (or more)
DTA Capacity (molecules without canisters)50 cells
Size produced bags (mm)74×70
Printing bagsthermal
Access method canisterVertical rotation
Molecules DetectorOptical Sensor
delivery method of moleculesCentral Fall
Maximum bagging speed60 bags/min
Touch screen color12.1”
e-Vision© SystemOptional
Dimensions1115 x 990 x 2000