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polyethersulfone dialyzer / hollow-fiber / with low permeability



  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    hollow-fiber, with low permeability


Efficient Purifier L for low-flux therapies

Purifier Low-flux dialyzers provıdes an excellent low flux therapy. The capillaries are made of Membrana's new technology PUREMA Polyethersulfone membranes. Its outstanding Polyethersulfon membrane provides optimum clearence value and stability. Thanks to its new technology inherently hydrophilic membrane structure, risk of micro inflammation and thrombogenic possibilities are minimized.

Advanced Polyethersulfone membrane delivers excellent clearances
Urea clearance on high level
Improved performance concerning creatinine, phosphate, vitaminB12 clearance
Excellent biocompatibility of advanced synthetic membrane
Oxygen-free gamma sterilization maintains membrane integrity
Caps on dialysate ports help prevent contamination
Wide range of sizes to better match performance to patient needs
High end low flux membrane/ one of the best Low flux dialyzers in the market