respiratory gas blender / air / oxygen / electronic

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respiratory gas blender respiratory gas blender - FA-2


  • Gas type:

    respiratory, air, oxygen

  • Technology:



Simple and cost effective oxygen/air mixer for oxygen hoods and other enclosures.
For neonatal units, newborn care and neonatal transport.
An oxygen/air blender that doesn’t need compressed, medical grade air. Filters and blends room air with medical grade oxygen.
Always delivers your requested mix [21% - 100%] at the optimum 8 litres/minute.
Operates on mains power and has 2 hour battery for back up and use during transport.

Safe and easy to use.
•No complicated replacement parts.
•Alarms built in for fan failure and filter replacement.
•Attaches direct to oxygen hood.

Effective, Low cost, Oxygen Therapy
•It filters and blends room air with medical grade oxygen
•An oxygen/air mixer that doesn’t require compressed air ,big cost savings and more versatile

Accurate Oxygen Therapy
•Always delivers your requested mix [21%-100%] at the optimum 8 liters/minute, the correct flow-rate for oxygen hoods and enclosures

Quiet and Versatile
•It is whisper quiet and will not disturb the patient
•It attaches directly to the oxygen hood and can be used with a humidifier
•Great for hospitals without piped air and for transport