doctor's office cabinet / 2-door / 3-drawer / wall-mounted



  • Facility:

    doctor's office

  • Features:

    2-door, 3-drawer

  • Other characteristics:



W70-03 Hanging cabinet
Dimensions: height: 500 mm, width: 1000 (or 800) mm, depth: 300 mm.
 Cabinet is made of electroplated steel sheet;
 Outer casing welded, polished bonding plates, in the final product it seems to be an uniform body;
 As an option a lock is assembled in the cabinet;
 Use of seals in the door and use of self-closing hinges and inner casing (smooth surfaces without cavities) enables in great
part to limit penetration of dust into interior of the cabinet;
 The cabinet is equipped with 2 shelves made of lacquered steel sheet (glass or wood W70-04) with a possibility of
stepwise regulation of their position;
 There is a possibility of choice of handgrips of the doors from a wide range of utility models;