micro X-ray CT preclinical tomography system / for breast tissues / high-resolution



  • System type:

    micro X-ray CT

  • Application:

    for breast tissues

  • Other characteristics:



VisionCT by Faxitron® is the first 3D breast specimen-designated CT system to offer 360-degree images of excised lesions. Designed to improve intraoperative specimen margin assessment and help you achieve better surgical outcomes.


Fast and Versatile imaging allows for presentation of both 2D orthogonal images in under 30 seconds and a full reconstruction of the whole specimen (up to 512 images) in under 4 minutes
High-Resolution Imaging due to micro-focus tube and up to 4X automatic geometric magnification which provides 2D and 3D spatial resolution down to 25um (20 lp/mm)
Greatest Margin Assessment of excised lesions with true 3D specimen radiography, going beyond tomosynthesis for significantly improved margin assessment
Turn-Key and Fully Automated, with no manual specimen repositioning required. Automatic magnification for optimal resolution, and automatic metal artifact correction minimizes interference
PACS Compatible, DICOM images are automatically stored to PACS and saved to local or network drive. Images instantaneously displayed on 24" high-resolution monitor
Easy to Use, with no additional x-ray shielding or specialized knowledge required. Simply place specimen in disposable holder, insert container in chamber and scan
Compact Footprint that features a mobile design intended to minimize intrusion in the OR