dental treatment unit with light

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dental treatment unit with light dental treatment unit with light - Arco


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The Arco Dental Unit is a young team that began its journey in 2012. It integrates all the series resources needed in the work of the modern dentist, placing them in a niche market medium high. It has in all its parts (armchair, water group, as well as in its main and auxiliary tray) the most advanced systems and technologies, being possible to assemble the dental unit with the user's own specifications.
The Arco Dental Unit guarantees maximum functionality in the work of both the doctor and his assistant and with the best conditions of relaxation and comfort for both. The Arco Dental Unit is configurable in the hummingbird / continental versions, with hanging hoses and with mobile unit.
The Arco Dental Unit has active and passive safety systems, both for the patient and for the medical equipment, installed in all parts of the equipment, either in the main unit or in the secondary unit.
Likewise, it is also possible to provide permanent cleaning and disinfection systems in:
• All its circuits.
• In the automatic and independent feeding of the instruments.
• Instrument decontamination system.
• Cleaning systems for suction hoses.
Arco Dental Unit, of current design, with rounded shapes and a modern visualization, is integrating all the necessary functions in the practice of modern dentistry.
Its basic components:
The armchair, with an ergonomic sedil, with armrests and with an injection footrest that allows to keep the patient's space clean.
Electromechanical system with programming, downhill and compensated trendelemburg movements.