scoop stretcher / rescue / folding
Scoop 65 EXL

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scoop stretcher / rescue / folding scoop stretcher / rescue / folding - Scoop 65 EXL


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It is ergonomically designed from high strength aluminium and precision mouldings allowing light weight with considerable strength.

The biggest advantage of the ScoopTM is that it enables easy access to awkward low spaces and makes movement of the body easy in confined areas.

Now increased safe working load of
227kg / 35.7 stone / 500lbs.

Additionally it can be split into two pieces
The materials used are resistant to corrosion, heat, cold and body fluids.
Seamless construction makes cleaning easy.
With the additional quick release patient restraints it is also possible to secure a body using this Scoop.

Twin safety lock hinges allow fast uncoupling of one or both ends