electro-stimulation pad / wearable / NMES / 1-channel
geko™ T



  • Type:

    electro-stimulation pad

  • Ergonomics:


  • Type of electrical stimulation:


  • Number of channels:



Applications: Hospital DVT prevention and Oedema reduction

A neuromuscular electrostimulation device, the geko™ gently stimulates the common peroneal nerve activating the calf and foot muscle pumps, increasing lower limb venous, arterial and microcirculatory blood flow, where early thrombi form. The increase in blood flow is similar to that achieved by walking, up to 60%, without a patient having to move or exert energy. Worn at the knee, the battery powered, self-adhesive geko™ device has no wires or leads, weighs just 10g, is easy and quick to fit and is silent in operation. www.gekodevices.com

Clinically proven, the geko™ device is CE Marked for the prevention of venous thrombosis, oedema reduction and the promotion of wounds healing, and has:

- US FDA clearance for USA market entry for VTE prevention
- NICE Guidance (MTG19) supporting its use for VTE prevention
- Local language IFUs for entry into a wide range of markets globally
- RCN (Royal College of Nursing) accreditation for the geko™ device user training programme

Having established a successful record of NHS sales adoption (public hospitals & trusts), we are now seeking to engage a global network of distribution partners, to extend roll-out of the geko™ device internationally.