ENT surgery laser / gynecological surgery / urological surgery / colorectal surgery



  • Applications:

    ENT surgery, gynecological surgery, colorectal surgery, urological surgery

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Pulse duration:


  • Wavelength:

    810 nm, 980 nm, 1,064 nm


Your surgical laser powerful and versatile for multiple applications

LUMIX® SURGERY is the surgical laser that allows 2 actions in a single device:
- Cut
- Coagulation

LUMIX® SURGERY allows a double operating mode:
- Surgical: continuous, burst mode with adjustable action time
- Therapeutic (optional): continuous, frequenced and modulated

Using the contact mode fiber, LUMIX® SURGERY is the evolution of the common blade, with unique particulars like biostimulating, anti-inflammatory and antalgic actions.

Advantages of LUMIX® SURGERY
Extremely tolerable treatment
Reduced healing times
Minimum or no bleeding at all
Reduced or no post-surgery infections at all
Maximum precision in the cut of soft tissues
Essential for microsurgery: avoids the need of stitches
Coagulation ability
Less impact both for treated tissues and for surroundings tissues
Less post-surgery pain
Less post-surgery edema
No traction of the tissues in the healing phase
Better tissues aesthetics in the post-surgery phase
Better healing
Less use of post-surgery pharmacological treatments