round bottom collection tube / potassium fluoride / sterile
Vacumed® 42210, Vacumed® 43216



  • Shape:

    round bottom

  • Other characteristics:

    potassium fluoride, sterile


The device has the following models with different capacities:42210 Vacumed 13x75 mm contains Potassium Fluoride grey cap x 2 ml of blood and sterile.42211 vacumed 13x75 mm includes potassium fluoride grey cap x 3 ml of blood with sterile. 42212 Vacumed 13x75 mm having, Potassium Fluoride grey cap x 4 ml of blood and sterile.43216 Vacumed 13x100 mm consists of Potassium Fluoride grey cap x 6 ml of blood and sterile.