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isolation tank with chromotherapy lamps



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    with chromotherapy lamps


The premium of floating – we say

We are manufacturers and designers also, so we have thought through and improved every aspect of the flotation experience with our technical knowledge and design, resulting in the creation of -we believe- the most advanced flotation equipment available today, the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System.

Hygiene and design are our first priorities, that is why we decided to manufacture our floating tanks with an external water reservoir tank, so the Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System is totally emptied from the salt water between each guest! The floating tank/cabin/pool/pod is filling with the salty water in front of the guest, from the external water reservoir tank and during this process even the last drop of salty water pumped through our 4 steps water cleaning system.

Our designers have engineered the Float SPA® floatation tank to induce maximum hygiene, relaxation and rest. They envisioned the float cabin looking like a stone, lying on a sandy beach. Nature, serenity, balance and harmony are notions that come to mind upon admiring the interior and exterior design of the Float SPA’s isolation tank.

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