isolation tank with sonotherapy speakers / with chromotherapy lamps



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    with sonotherapy speakers, with chromotherapy lamps


We think that the Tranquility Float Tank is the most beautiful float tank in the world. Its unique, full length motorised door opens and closes stylishly at the touch of a button and will grace any setting. You can specify any colour for the door and side panels and we offer a large range of options.

The Tranquility has a remote control door as a standard feature, is the perfect way to signal the end of the float session, and is particularly useful in centres with more than one tank. It can be programmed to a timer too. The powerful heaters will allow long term floating with the door open as well as unlimited time at accurately controlled float temperature. The tallest possible floater is 234 cm or 7' 8", and even the tallest person can still sit up in the tank without hitting his head.

When people see this tank they want to caress its smooth curved shape, reminiscent of a dolphin, and pictures can not do justice to the "presence" this float tank has in life. It is also fully functional. The Tranquility, as with all our float tanks, has special sound transducers to excite the skin of the tub and produces high quality sound under water for the floater. The pump and filter system, including UV when chosen, fit within the footprint and are managed by a special automatic controller. The Tranquility also lives up to its name, producing profound relaxation. No wonder we have already sold this float tank on five continents! Its clever design will also allow installation into any normal building, and the weight is safe for any normal floor.