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isolation tank with sonotherapy speakers / with chromotherapy lamps



  • Options:

    with sonotherapy speakers, with chromotherapy lamps


A largely designed hatch allows easy access to every build. To open and close it can be easily managed due to its feather light weight. People up to 7.5 feet (2,30m) tall are comfortable to float.
The floatStar tank dimensions
8.20 feet (2.5m) Lenght
4.92 feet (1.5m) Width
4.00 feet (1.2m) Hight
6.56 feet (2,00m) Hight when hatch is fully open
It may be reduced in two parts, so it can be carried by two people through a 31,5 inch (80cm)wide door.
The filtering system installed on a squared tray measuring 2,1' X 2,1' (65 X 65cm) and 3,28' (1.0m) in height.
floatStar floating tanks are not only timelessly attractive in value but also economic to operate. Holding only 675 liters of brine and using the insulating cover board during standby saves energy for heating and salt when it is time for a refill.
The embedded heating conductor-field generates a magnetic free and uniform heat to the brine.
As an avalaible option are two integrated transducers, (underwater loudspeakers) which are transmitting a synchronous audio sound through the lower pod onto the brine, to be controlled by the floater, featuring volume +/- and fast forward/rewind functions. Alternatively waterproof earphones may be used which do in fact provide a better sound quality below the brine line.
An upgrade of the standard floatStar tank version to the deluxe version is given.
The automated filtering system to ensure a proper brine quality is based on the latest technology.