ball mill / hammer / spiral jet / laboratory
Multimilling Platform



  • Technology:

    ball, hammer, spiral jet

  • Applications:

    laboratory, for the pharmaceutical industry, pilot, for small-scale production, for research, R&D

  • Other characteristics:

    tabletop, on casters


The multimilling station is the best choice for the execution of milling operations in research departments and pilot plants, with different technologies integrated on a single system.
The platform considers:
- Spiral jet mill type PILOTMILL-4, PILOTMILL-5 or PILOTMILL-6
- Pin mill 100
- Loop mill type QMILL-6

- Conical mill
A minimum footprint is given for use in existing rooms.
The milling system can be operated in conjunction with a cryogenic exchanger which allows the reduction of process temperature down to -100°C.

Integration with isolator systems is possible for processing HPAPI.

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