circular stapler / gastrointestinal surgery / gastrointestinal anastomosis
Chex™ CPH36SMS



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    gastrointestinal surgery, gastrointestinal anastomosis


The Chex™ CPH36SMS is the first single device designed specifically for the STARR procedure. In the treatment of Haemorrhoidal disease and especially when combined with Obstructed Defaecation Syndrome(ODS), the key surgical objective is the correction of internal rectal prolapse. The CPH range of staplers from Frankenman used in the treatment of Haemorrhoids was evolved from standard surgical staplers, designed for conventional surgical anastomosis allowing the possibility to undertake the STARR technique using one stapler.

The Chex™ CPH36SMS is specifically designed to maximize the volume of staple housing, whilst maintaining essential design characteristics. This has proven to be the most effective device in clinical use, specifically for the Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection (STARR) procedure- a major breakthrough in the treatment of ODS.