12-channel electrocardiograph / digital / with printer / wireless
CardiMax FX-8322



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  • Options:

    with printer, wireless, with display


The CardiMax FX-8322/R features a large screen (LCD) to display clear ECG waveformes. The device is operated via keyboard/buttons or the touch panel keys. Data can be saved to USB memory, SD card, or DMS (Data Management System) via wired or wireless network.

During a stress examination, an external monitor can be connected to view the examination while ensuring the conditions of the patient are safe (FX-8322R only).

Features a 6.4 inch Color TFT (640 x 480 dots) display, keyboard (multi-language available) with touch screen operation and easy data management with USB (x 2) and SD (x 1) card ports. Stress test option for FX-8322R only.