ultrasound diathermy unit / electric stimulator / tabletop / IF
E20660 Sonostim HT



  • Type:

    ultrasound diathermy unit, electric stimulator

  • Ergonomics:


  • Type of electrical stimulation:

    IF, TENS

  • Number of channels:



The new Sonostim HT is an advanced and complete device combining 1/3 MHz multifrequency ultrasound and universal electrotherapy made for professional users.

The Sonostim HT is provided with a special ergonomic head capable to generate 1 or 3 MHz frequency but can also combine both frequencies allowing penetration into different cellular layers at the same time. Pulsed and continuous emission up to 15 W (3 W/cm²).

Provided with a special device attesting no-coupling and contact between the head and the patient's skin, with an acoustic and visual signal.

The Sonostim HT has 2 independent patient circuits, allowing application of two different current forms at the same time.

Low frequency currents:
biphasic, Tens, diadynamic, faradic, galvanic, ionophoresis, triangular, ultra-reiz

Medium frequency currents:
IF bipolar, IF quadripolar, IF isoplanar, IF vectorial, MF stimulation, isodynamic, Kotz

All the functions are visualized on a large color LCD. In addition to the usual and traditional keys and buttons, it is possible to adjust every parameter on the touchscreen.