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stereotactic brain radiosurgery gamma collimator
Gyro knife - γ series



  • Type of therapy:

    for stereotactic brain radiosurgery


The exclusive Gyroscope peak is created in Gyro knife using the gyro rotating 3 focusing technology. It provides a superior dose distribution and corresponding curve in heavy ion radiothereapy and Prague peak of proton equipment.

Real time positioning diagnostic imaging systems, the majority of the equipment needed for treatment and surgery will be replaced by the gyro knife when tumors are being treated. The GyroKnife Digital Cobalt 60 Radiosurgery System offers advanced precision and is considered one of the best in the world of radial surgery equipment.

It uses a rotation standard similar to the principle of space gyroscope. Two gyroscope structures have the installation of the cobalt-60 radiation source, rotating synchronously vertically. Sphere test shows 550:1 is the maximum dose ratio between the sphere’s center and surface, so healthy tissue receives a minimal dose with negligible effects but strong enough to kill the focused tissue.