electric treatment chair / 3-section / on casters / Trendelenburg
Stephen H Ybrid



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    on casters, Trendelenburg


The STEPHEN H-YBRID offers all the benefits of a multitherapy chair and bed. The design has been optimised for use in every departments in terms of functionality and size. The bed-chair is used for hospital use during assessment, diagnosis and care.
The project STEPHEN H-YBRID, represents also an innovative furniture solutions, trying to reduce the patients discomfort.
The device STEPHEN H-YBRID can be used for the patient transfer inside the hospital. It is available with side rails or armrest.
Five low voltage motors provide maximum flexibility so that the device can be easily moved by a handset accessible by the patient.
Pushbutton on both sides enable the reaching of clinostatic position, in alternative on request the Trendelenburg position or the shock position.
The STEPHEN H-YBRID has been designed with tissue viability and reduced cross infection as a paramount consideration. All the HPL surfaces are easy to wipe clean and are resistant to fluid adsorption.
There are frame and motor covers to make cleaning easy and reduce the risk of contamination and cross infection.
The fabric used to cover the cushions is impregnated with SANITIZED®, an antimicrobial and anti-micotic compound, or in alternative with fabric suitable to the intended use and all the paintwork is antimicrobial as well.
There are numerous fabric colour options to choose from to suit your particular requirements.
Available in a wide range of colours.