electro-stimulator / tabletop / EMS / 1-channel
HiToP® 191



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HiToP® 191

HTEMS® also works at home

The HighTone electric muscle stimulation (HTEMS®) is based on the idea that not only active exercise – i.e. sports - improves the metabolism, but also "passive" in the form of external electrical muscle stimulation. In contrast to the classic electrotherapy (TENS) the HTEMS® operates in depth directly on the muscle and produces pleasant but intense and thus effective contractions. In addition, the HighTone frequencies from 4000 to 32,000 Hertz support the biochemical and bioelectrical processes in the cells and thus facilitate the metabolism. In addition, the studies (see blue box below) show for diabetics to an improvement in insulin sensitivity and a moderate weight loss of about 1.4 kg / 6 weeks.

Channels One channel
Display LCD
Weight 4 kg without accessories
Warranty 24 months