SPECT Gamma camera / CT scanner / for full-body SPECT / for full-body tomography
Optima™ NM/CT 640



  • System:

    SPECT Gamma camera, CT scanner

  • Application:

    for full-body SPECT, for full-body tomography


Molecular imaging is unlike any other imaging technology. It enables the search for a different kind of discovery. The kind that reveals a deeply hidden truth that is reproducible evidence of what is seen and often not seen.

This type of discovery is known as a true discovery. It’s the type of discovery that inspires confidence. Confidence in the accuracy of what you see and in your ability to find disease sooner. And it’s what you require to take your diagnostic confidence to the next level.

To make true discovery part of your routine care, you need an economical system that can grow with your needs. A system with unrivaled performance for everyday use. That can provide high quality images at low doses. And can perform exams at a speed that drives efficiency.

OptimaTM NM/CT 640 was designed to be this important first step. Its advanced technology builds off the potential of SPECT with the anatomical precision of CT. It gives you the image quality you need to make critical decisions at a low dose to patients. And because we understand the importance of making strong investment decisions, it was designed to deliver a low cost of ownership for your needs today and the ability to support your clinical SPECT/CT needs over time.

It’s the right balance of precision and performance, and the accessible starting point you need to start making true discovery part of your routine care.