modular thermoformer / for pharmaceuticals packaging / floor-standing
Medical PowerPak



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    for pharmaceuticals packaging

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Medical PowerPak
Enhanced performance in every respect. To make good on our promise of Lifecycle Performance, we have developed the Medical PowerPak. This form-fill-seal machine is the innovative answer from GEA to the current and future demands of the medical industry. A machine with new design will revolutionize your expectations of a thermoformer. The Medical PowerPak is a machine concept with an extremely wide range of options.

Design your requirements in consultation with us, and GEA will configure the optimal thermoformer for you. The best of all: this machine is flexible so you do not need to determine a single configuration for its entire life. With the modular construction of the Medical PowerPak you can build a machine which is uncompromisingly tailored to your applications of today, and still remain open to the demands of tomorrow.