radio-fluoroscopy system / digital / for multipurpose radiography / for diagnostic fluoroscopy



  • System type:

    radio-fluoroscopy system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for multipurpose radiography, for diagnostic fluoroscopy

  • Features:

    with tilting table


OPERA Sound (availabale only for some countries) is a wide series of R/F remote-controlled systems featured by advanced technology and configuration suppleness so as to satisfy the operator’s most demanding needs.

The OPERA Sound remote-controlled tables are characterized by an extraordinary structural architecture ensuring full accessibility to the patient-tabletop from any side, thus allowing the operator to easily perform the patient positioning with the utmost safety.

Six configurations available (90/20° and 90/90° tilting movement, with either SFD/I.B. or flat panel dector) ensuring the execution of routine and specialized examinations in both fluoroscopy and radiography applications: from emergency to angiography, tomography, spine and lower limbs automatic stitching.