trolley-mounted electric massager
Slim Project



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Why choose it?
Slim Project combats cellulite and localised adiposity synthesizing two particularly effective mechanisms.
Mechanical massage and ultrasound act deep down breaking up the adipose cells and improving the metabolism of the tissues treated. The results are visible already after a few sessions, swelling is reduced and the skin immediately regains a smooth, glowing and compact appearance.

Features and functioning
Slim Project combines the mechanical massage performed with a special GP-patented elastomeric membrane with the effects of ultrasound.
The membrane lifts, folds, stretches and compresses the skin according to the program selected by the operator and the type of disease in the area to be treated.
In this way, the tissue is modelled and moved with a wavelike motion with beneficial effects on the level of the connective layers of the tissue.
A second handpiece combines elasto-massaging with ultrasound action.

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